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Roof Coating

​​​​​​ ​When your roof needs help and you want to fix it but also save money our Roof Coating Process is by far the best solution. Our Roof Coating dries 4 times stronger than your original roof! It helps stop roof leaks, is mildew resistant, and reflects Florida’s heat up to 85%. If you need even more peace of mind don’t hesitate to contact us as we have references near you we can send. Ready to get your roof fixed and healed? We have 500 colors available for you with coatings backed by a fifteen year warranty by the manufacturer! An added bonus are possible Tax credits. Oh! And we also renew all valleys.

Roof Repairs

​​​​​​​If you are finding your roof needs some work we replace and fix all leaks by doing a complete inspection in the attics as an overall roof inspection. We replace any bad tile. install new fascia if needed, and we replace any rotten wood all prior to sealing and coating of tiles.

Roof Refurbishing

In our roof refurbishing we replace bad tiles, fix all leaks, fiberglass all valleys, seal all tiles with a grout thereby preventing leaks! Each and every tile is grouted and sealed by hand. All broken tiles are replaced prior to application.

Lifetime Wall Coating & Painting

70 times stronger than paint, w​​​​​​e use Uniflex wall coating furnishing a lifetime warranty. We powerwash all walls. We seal and re-stucco bad areas. We trench around the house. Install bonding agent and two coats of Uniflex wall coating, rolled and hand brushed. We do not spray wall coating. 500 colors available! Our Paints Are Sherwin-Williams.

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15 Year Warranty Just For Your Peace of Mind!